Horizon 2020 – financiación sobre la evolución de los servicios de Copernicus

Horizon 2020 – Oportunidades de financiación sobre la evolución de los servicios de Copernicus

Buenos días,

El objetivo de este correo es llamar vuestra atención sobre las oportunidades de financiación para proyectos relativos a la evolución de los servicios de Copernicus, dentro de la actual convocatoria de Horizon 2020 Space.

Se trata del  topic EO-3-2016: Evolution of Copernicus services, que podéis leer en el WorkProgramme 2016-2017 (página 10):



La lista de temas susceptibles de ser financiados en este topic de Horizon 2020 Space es la siguiente:

1. Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS)

  • Solving ocean dynamics at kilometric resolution
  • Designing future observing systems and related assimilation methods
  • Developing seamless information chains linking dynamics, biogeochemistry and ecosystem essential variables
  • Seamless interactions between CMEMS and coastal monitoring systems

2. Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (pan-European and local land component)

  • Coastal monitoring, i.e. linkage and possible integration of land and marine information services
  • Land Cover/Land Use mapping and change mapping based on integrated radar and multi-spectral data
  • Automated change monitoring based on Sentinel data time series
  • Improved permanent grassland identification methods
  • Crop area and crop status monitoring
  • Methodology to provide yearly incremental updates in High Resolution Layers
  • Feasibility of geo-hazards as a local component

3. Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (Global land component)

  • High volume data processing lines
  • Automated change detection and monitoring based on Sentinel data time series
  • Multi-source data integration

4. Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)

  • Up-to-date Anthropogenic emissions estimates
  • Data assimilation and future Sentinels
  • Coupling and downscaling methods for air quality modelling and forecasting
  • Quantifying uncertainties for atmospheric composition forecast and hindcasts
  • Integrated soil-vegetation-atmosphere modelling and data assimilation
  • Monitoring and forecasting pollens
  • Improvement of secondary aerosols modelling

5. Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)

  • Climate Prediction
  • Climate modelling at high resolution
  • Climate and environmental observations
  • Copernicus Climate Change Service key data products

6. Copernicus Emergency Management Service

  • “Operationability” of crowd sourcing for the Emergency Management Service
  • Bringing satellite images closer to users
  • Large scale data assimilation of satellite data for improved disaster early warning and monitoring systems
  • Impact of human induced modifications of environments and structural developments in rivers on the forecasting of hydrological extremes
  • Methodologies of the assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards

7. Copernicus Security Service

  • Automation of information extraction for large areas
  • Dissemination of EO based products
  • Integration of EO derived information with other data sources
  • Increased integration of multi-sensor and intelligence data for improving detection rates and identification of targets
  • Improved and automated processes for EO data supply

8. Cross-cutting issues and priorities identified

  • Stimulating integration of EO data in business processes of Member States in the context of reporting requirements for specific EU legislation
  • Stimulating wider use of EO data processing models
  • Open dynamic Testportal/Testbed to test new EO products/information
  • Stimulating wider research of publication big, linked, open Earth Observation data
  • Stimulating research development EO Body of Knowledge

Encontraréis la descripción de cada uno de estos temas en este Guidance Document:

R&D needs for Copernicus operational services – draft guidance document (Final Version)

¿Nos podríais decir, por favor, si tenéis intención de participar en alguno de los temas mencionados más arriba en esta convocatoria de Horizon 2020 Space ? y ¿en cuál/es de ellos ?

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