Cuestionario para determinar carencias en la observación de la Tierra

Dear all,

 The ConnectinGEO project ( is aiming to facilitate a broader and more accessible knowledge base to support theneeds of the GEO Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs) and their users. To better detect gaps in the accessibility of observation data, we have developed an online survey to collect feedback from scientists and potential users.

 The survey is available via this URL:

 This survey will help to identify existing issues with data availability, technology, data policies and data quality which need to be addressed to improve and support the work in different social benefit areas. By answering our questions you actively help us to understand your and your domain’s requirements. This helps us to derive corresponding recommendations on how to improve and address the gaps we discover.

 Filling the survey will take about 10-15 minutes, depending on the grade of detail you would like to provide in the description of issues.

 We would appreciate to receive your input. The survey will be open until the 9th March 2016.

 If you already have documented some list of gaps (e.g. in a table, a scientific paper, blog post, etc.) you have the option to directly send the material to instead (no explicit need to fulfil this form in this case).

 Please, disseminate the survey through your contacts.

 Thank you very much for your support!

 The ConnectinGEO Team


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