Lanzamiento del nuevo blog de GEO internacional: “Observations”

Introducing: Observations
Observations is a new blog with news and views from members of the GEO community.
Read Steven Ramage’s take on Earth Info Day in our first blog post (click on the image):
Each week, experts share their insights on how Earth observations support better decision making.
Contributions are welcome!
Blog posts should be between 300-500 words and may be edited for length. Each post features a photo and short bio. of the guest contributor.
Future posts include:
–      What’s next for the GEOSS Portal;
–      Using DNA to track marine life for Biodiversity;
–      Building a big green wall across Africa and measuring it using EO.
To contribute, please send an email to:
The GEO Secretariat
7bis, Avenue de la Paix
Case postale 2300
Ch-1211 Geneva 2
Tel.: +41 22 730 85 05
Fax: +41 22 730 85 20