AFRICOVER A regional land cover mapping programme in Africa
ALOS Advanced Land Observing Satellite (Japan)
AMDAR Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay
APT Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
Argo Global array of temperature/salinity profiling floats for ocean climate observations
AVIRIS Airborne Visible and Infra-Red Imaging Spectrometer

CAP Common Alerting Protocol
CBD Convention on Biodiversity
CCD Convention to Combat Desertification in countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification,
particularly in africa
CDC Centres for Disease Control (United States)
CEOS Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
CEPT European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

CGMS Co-ordination Group for Meteorological Satellites
CITEL Inter-American Telecommunication Commission
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CMS Convention on Migratory Species
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CoML Census of Marine Life
COSMO-SkyMed Observing system (Italy)
CTBTO Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization

DAPHNE Deployment of Asia-Pacific Hazard-mitigation Network for Earthquakes and volcanoes (Japan)
DEMs Digital Elevation Models
DIVERSITAS A biodiversity research programme of ICSU, UNESCO, IUBS, and SCOPE
DIWPA DIVERSITAS Western Pacific and Asia

ebXML Electronic business Extensible Markup Language
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
ECVs Essential Climate Variables
EEPCo Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
EUMETNET Network of European Meteorological Services
EUMETSAT European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
ENSO El Niño/Southern Oscillation
Envisat Environmental satellite mission of the European Space Agency
ERS European Remote-sensing Satellite
ESA European Space Agency
ESSP Earth System Science Partnership
EUCOS EUMETNET Composite Observing System

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations)
F-NET Full Range Seismograph Network (Japan)

GALILEO ESA/EU Global Navigation Satellite System
GAW Global Atmospheric Watch (WMO)
GBA Global Biodiversity Assessment
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GCOS Global Climate Observing System (co-sponsored by ICSU, IOC of UNESCO, UNEP and WMO)
GCRMN Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
GECAFS Global Environmental Change and Food Systems
GEMS Global Environmental Monitoring Strategy (WHO)
GEO Group on Earth Observations
GeoHab Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping
GEONET GPS Earth Observation Network System (Japan)
GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems
GGOS Global Geodetic Observing System
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GISP Global Invasive Species Programme
GLCN Global Land Cover Network of the FAO
GLOBEC Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Project (of the IGBP)
GLONASS Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (Russia)
GMA Global Marine Assessment
GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
GODAE Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
GOFC-GOLD Global Observations of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics
GOOS Global Ocean Observing System (hosted by IOC)

GOS Global Observing System (co-sponsored by ICSU, IOC of UNESCO, UNEP and WMO)
GPCC Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (hosted by
GPM Global Precipitation Measurement
GRDC Global Runoff Data Centre (hosted by Germany)
GSDI Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
GSN Global Seismographic Network
GTN-H Global Terrestrial Network for Hydrology
GTOS Global Terrestrial Observing System. (co-sponsored by
FAO, ICSU, UNESCO, UNEP and WMO, hosted by FAO)
GUAN GCOS Upper Air Network

Hi-NET Hi-sensitivity Seismograph Network (Japan)

IAG International Association of Geodesy
IBMN International Biodiversity Monitoring Network
IBOY International Biodiversity Observation Year
ICSU International Council for Science
IEA International Energy Agency
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IFRC/RCS International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (of the ICSU)
IGOS-P Integrated Global Observation Strategy Partnership. (includes CEOS, FAO, GCOS, GOOS, GOS/GAW, GTOS,
IMBER Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research
InSAR Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
IOCCP International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IRI International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
ISCGM International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
ISDR International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITU-R Radio Communication Sector International
Telecommunication Union
IUBS International Union of Biological Sciences
IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature
IWC International Waterbird Census
IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management

K-NET/KiK-NET Kyoshin Network/Kiban Kyoshin Network (Japan)

Landsat Satellite observing system (United States)
LCCS Land Cover Classification System
LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LOICZ Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone Project (of the IGBP)